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A bit about me; I'm 14 I like to code, I'm also learning German. I've had minecraft for about 2/3 years round about now. I enjoy it very much. I have many friends I also play a lot of lacrosse, I have been to America on a tour team named metros. As you might presume I'm in high school and for my options I've picked Computing and Graphics. I've picked them because I'm fasinated in code and enjoy it in general. 

I have many ideas for my future I would like to be a programmer at Rockstar or 2K, or even maybe a dev at spigot. That would be awesome, but until then I'm just enjoying life and learning code every day. And that's pretty much it I wouldn't like to tell you any more personal stuff, or there isn't that much to go into anyway.


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I'm a learning developer that means I can't really do big coding stuff but I know the basicis.


I'm a basic dev that likes coding and lives in England.


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